Counselling Course

Dear potential course participant, 

Please note that due to the COVID_19 pandemic, our August 2020 counselling course has been cancelled to accommodate the completion of our current February 2020 counselling course.

Please feel at liberty to visit our website for our upcoming 2021 course details.

Best wishes.


Get Involved - Become a Volunteer

To become a counselling volunteer at LifeLine, the first step is to undertake a 4-month training course.

While our course is the core requirement for preparing volunteers to become LifeLine counsellors and community workers – it contains essential Personal Growth and Interpersonal Skills for anyone who wishes to explore all aspects of their life, promote their own growth and self-awareness as well as their ability to hear and relate more meaningfully to others in their lives. 

The course is an exciting and challenging process - the learning takes place in small groups, each with two experienced LifeLine Facilitators. We work on the principles of respect, non-judgment and personal responsibility – based on the person-centered approach of Carl Rogers. 

We take great care to create a safe and appropriate space and while the greatest growth comes from fully engaging in the group no one is ever forced to participate. Trainees are encouraged to experiment with their own reactions and responses to others, as well as to learn better and more effective ways of communicating.

The first twelve (12) sessions of Module 1 are devoted to Personal Growth and Self-Awareness. Trainees are encouraged to learn as much about themselves as they possibly can, because LifeLine believes that in order to enter someone else's world you must first know your own world. The remaining ten (10) sessions in module 2, focus on learning specific counselling skills. 

On completion of both modules of the course those who wish to, may put themselves forward for selection as counsellors.

The process to become a LifeLine Counsellor - ADMISSION CRITERIA 

  • No qualification in psychology is needed. 
  • The minimum age for applicants is 23 years.
  • Completion of the Application Form
  • Ability to attend all sessions
  • You need at least a  Grade 12 education  

Missing sessions:  As the group works closely together, it is important that you do not miss any sessions. If you do so, then you cannot replace what you have missed, and your absence affects the other group members. 

NOTE that if you miss more than 2 sessions during both Modules 1 & 2, you WILL NOT be eligible for selection as a counsellor although you can continue the course.


MODULE ONE – Personal Growth & Interpersonal Skills

MODULE TWO – Counselling Skills

MODULE THREE – Intern Training

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Professional Volunteering

If you'd like to donate your time and expertise in areas that you feel might benefit us, please let us know. We're always on the lookout for people with a passion to help others, so talk to us if you've got skills in anything from digital marketing and fundraising to administrative support.


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