Victim empowerment Programme

16 Days of Activism Programme

Victim supporter story

Standing at my balcony watching the police station I saw people going out, and some were crying. I wondered  what happened to these people. One day I asked one lady, who said that they just chased her out of the police station because she was raped. I comforted that lady then I went to the Yeoville Police Station, asking for a job. They told me that the job would be an unpaid job. I said no problem. The victim empowerment office was there but was closed. There had been one policewoman working here but she was mostly away. I started to clean it and I was happy.

This place needs heart. Love. Passion.

The first victim was an abandoned baby who still had an umbilical cord. People found it in a dustbin, without clothes, and took it to me. I rushed home and took my grandchild’s clothes. I asked the police as I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t train for victim empowerment skills. They directed me to the shelter. It was two blocks away, and I left the child there.

Another person came, a victim of rape. She was naked – she had come straight from De Deur, where she was raped. I rushed to my house, I took clothes. She was a 32-year-old lady, an Ethiopian lady. She was from Orange Farm and she was coming to Yeoville to relatives. She doesn’t know English - I just went to my flat to call an Ethiopian person so he could translate.

She took a taxi. In the taxi she was with three guys and two ladies. When the two ladies were dropped off she was left with these three guys and they drove the lady to the field and they all raped her. She was vomiting and bleeding and crying and she was a virgin. It was so sad. I called detectives to come and take the lady to the doctor at Medico. They helped the lady and then we opened a case.


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