Arelle's Lifeline Blog #11 Session 12

Published 2813 days ago

Lifeline Course Module 1 – Personal Growth – Session Twelve

Today is the final session of the Personal Growth Module of this course; from next week we will start developing our counselling skills.

We returned to our small groups and produced the brief descriptions that we had originally written about each other in the first session. We were required to share them as well as to state how these initial impressions had changed during the interim period. I felt this session to be quite a heart-warming one, because I felt truly recognised by the people who form the small group that I belong to. Though some of them had initially been quite wary of me they all accepted me and understood the person that I really am.

I also experienced moments of nervousness at the idea of revealing what I had initially thought about each of the members of the group – having felt that I was being quite judgemental – but I noted that these first impressions had in fact been rather accurate.

I also found that – for the most part – the group members had evolved a closer congruence with their own true inner selves; like me, they were more open to each other than we had been at the beginning. We had bonded as a group, through exposing our fears and vulnerabilities. We had each taken the risk of exposing ourselves and found acceptance and understanding within the group. It was a safe environment for me, an almost sacrosanct space.

I was delighted when each member of the group agreed that I was ready to move on to learn the actual skills required to become a fully-fledged counsellor. In fact, in this group, everyone was unanimously declared ready to advance to the next stage of the LifeLine training.


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