Arelle's Lifeline Blog #10 Session 11

Published 2813 days ago

Lifeline Course Module 1 – Personal Growth – Session Eleven

The first thing I raised in the small group today – addressing the “leftovers” from the last session – was my concern that I’d alienated some members of the group during the confrontations we’d done as an exercise the previous week. It had been bothering me the whole time since then, especially as I had been given group feedback that I had come across as very “intense.” My concern about this was initially compounded when one of the group members appeared delayed for the session: I thought perhaps he was not going to come at all, but – much to my relief – he did, and I was then reassured that my confrontation had not been misinterpreted as offensive or harsh. Though I did not really feel convinced of this – feeling that some of the emotions that had been aroused were manifestly suppressed – I had to simply accept that what I was told was the truth.

Then we quietly centred ourselves in the present again. The exercise that followed was for each of us to describe the progress that we felt had made on the course so and then we were to compare how we presently felt to the state that we had described earlier, in our very first session  and describe this to the group after receiving feedback.

I felt largely satisfied that I have made progress, as did the others in the group. I felt that my perspective has opened up somewhat and that, as a result, I have more detachment. I certainly felt wholly accepted by the group: The perceptions of the other group members about the new state I described was also intriguing for me to hear.

Next, we engaged in another exercise, in pairs, which was challenging for me in that I had to really listen very carefully to how I was perceived by another member in the group. Though at times I did feel uncomfortable, I have to admit that I found myself quite accurately observed; we have really got to know each other quite well by now.


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