• LifeLine now has an addiction line where anyone who is troubled about a problem with alcohol, drugs, gambling, overeating or any other addiction, can call us and talk it through or arrange to see an addiction counsellor. Call 0749012427. We are there to help you.
  • LifeLine Soweto has opened a new drop in centre in Meadowlands at the police station and Pimville. We now have 4 centres in Jabavu, Dobsonville, Pimville and Meadowlands.  We are starting a plan to spread out all over Soweto in time…..


    - Our next wonderful personal growth group course starts on Wed 26/8 and ends on 4/11, with 1 x 3hr session each week.

    - Suitable for anyone who wishes to develop self awareness and interpersonal skills.

    -Is foundation for Your Skills Course which offers high level interpersonal skills.

    Contact: Sheila Meyer 083 398 5542 for application and more information.

  • Dont miss out on a life changing opportunity! Complete the application below.

    2016 Counselling Course.pdf

  • An insightful article by Ashleigh Brown who discusses in great detail the cost of psychological help. In this article Candice Cohen, corporate manage of LifeLIne Johannesburg shares her observation regarding this issue.
    Go to the link below for the full article:



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