• If you’re worried that a loved one, friend or colleague is displaying signs of depression and/or suicide, there are ways you can help. .
  • Lots of you have not been able to attend the full course in February through to June. SO…. we will be starting an August course again next year through to November. Watch out for the dates for 2017 on our website very soon. February will be on a Wednesday and August will be on a Tuesday. Both will be either morning or evening.

  • Change to Soweto – now 4 centres!!

    Lifeline Soweto

    LifeLine Soweto has opened a new drop in centre in Meadowlands at the police station and Pimville. We now have 4 centres in Jabavu, Dobsonville, Pimville and Meadowlands.  We are starting a plan to spread out all over Soweto in time…..


  • LifeLine Alexandra School Counselling

    LifeLine runs a LifeSkills programme for the Ford Foundation in many high schools in the township. This has resulted in a desperate need for our counsellors to go into schools to support those children in need of emotional support. Our counsellors are overwhelmed but really moved by the plight of some of the children. They find it so rewarding to make a difference in these lives.

  • Sadly on one rainy evening, 4 of the trainees cars were broken into, and valuable things stolen. So now we park all course members inside our gates – no mean feat - and we have had to finish the course no later than 10.30pm so that everyone can actually get their cars out. Quite a jigsaw puzzle but the trainees all did it.


  • 011 728 1331
  • 011 728 3497
  • lifeline@lifelinejhb.org.za
  • 2 The Avenue
  • Cnr Henrietta Street
  • Norwood, Johannesburg
  • 011 728 1347