LifeLine Johannesburg counselling services get busier

Published 260 days ago

The number of telephone calls received by the LifeLine Johannesburg counselling office has risen steadily since April last year. “Lots of people are also contacting us via website and WhatsApp,” says counselling co-ordinator’s assistant Rea Noge.”We are also receiving numerous bookings for face to face counseling.”


According to statistics compiled by course coordinator Janet King, “Some 85% of callers are black and around 57% are women.  Most people (33%) call about relationship issues while 14% of people call in about emotional distress including anxiety, depression, anger, low self-esteem, self-harm, eating disorders and bereavement.”


“We’ve noted that only 29% of face to face appointments in Norwood are made by white clients. In terms of gender 57% of clients are female. Some 49% of issues involve relationships, 27% involve emotional distress and 16% trauma.”


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  • 2 The Avenue
  • Cnr Henrietta Street
  • Norwood, Johannesburg
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