Patricia Johnson Peterson promoted the power of groups

Published 292 days ago

LifeLine counsellor Patricia Johnson Peterson shared her experiences of group work with a small group of LifeLiners recently.

The two-hour session, held in February 2018, was part of LifeLine Johannesburg’s ongoing training for members. While the sub-heading of the talk promised “A group analytic approach: relational moments in groups” sounding terribly theoretical, Patricia’s talk was warm and direct. She related some real life experiences from groups she has worked with; a children’s bereavement group, a group of ebullient, teenage school girls and a group of addicts from Westbury. Patricia showed how the insights and growth of participants was truly enhanced by the groups they were in. 

Look out for further monthly ongoing training sessions. These take place on Thursday evenings or Saturday mornings, and most are open to members of the public. We advertise them on our blackboard, Facebook page, Twitter feed and website.


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