Girls on the Move

Comments from PEER EDUCATORS  who train the Girls

Pontsho :

My journey as a peer educator has been awesome and a new experience. It’s always great to be around the learners and I also learnt a lot of things which I took for granted before. Making a difference in someone else’s life even if it’s just one person is so inspiring. I love being a peer educator. It also boosted my confidence to stand up in front of people.

Jabulile :

Being an agent for change is great. At first I thought that I couldn’t do it but I managed to overcome my fears with the support from my co-ordinator and the support from the peer educators. Today I am proud of what I am doing. I am planting a seed to grade 8 learners because now the future is bright for them and they will be able to make informed decisions and they have full responsibility for their actions. The programme has made great changes in my life because I have confidence and I can speak in front of people without fear. Thank you LifeLine for this opportunity, for allowing me to grow.

Masechaba :

Being a peer educator has its challenges and its success, the challenge is some teachers are threatened with the relationship you have with the girls and sometimes they show it and they try to make it hard for me as a peer educator to do my job. They give me a hard time and that is a challenge that I faced as a peer educator.

On  positive side being a peer educator it has given me a chance to improve my self-esteem, speak my own voice and I have the opportunity to change the mindset of young grils and break the myths. I am helping them learn in a positive way, giving them knowledge and power to make the right decision when they decide to have sex, know the consequences of having protected and unprotected sex.

I have learned to be a teacher, do story-telling, share my own experiences, be a good listener and be a positive influence on the girls.

Kgothatso :

As a peer educator of LifeLine I have learned so much during this programme. Interacting with the learners at school was the most amazing thing because they came up with great ideas. I’ve gained a lot from the learners as they also benefited from the programme. Before I joined Life Line, I didn’t know which direction I am going to take, which career should I choose but now I found it to be a professional educator. I have found this love for educating and being around high school learners. The Life Line peer education programme has groomed me as a young, vibrant and multi-skilled person and since I am part of LifeLine I can express myself and show my skills. It has made me believe in myself and to know what I want in life and motivate others.


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