Girls on the Move

Comments from those taking part in the programme:


 Girl no 1: I  have gained a lot of things from GOM, for example; I have a right to say no and realised that I cannot raise a child because I am still a child. I also know what the symptoms of diseases like STIs are.I learned that when I am sexually active I have to play safe by using condoms and also rather to abstain. I have learnt that there is no cure for AIDS and I have a right to know my status. I also have my beliefs and I believe that I should not go and sleep around. I have a right to wear whatever I want to wear and I understand that children develop in puberty stage.

 Girls no 2: In this Girls on the Move project I have benefited a lot of things which I didn’t know, such as the consequences of sex and how HIV/AIDS is transmitted to people and affects them. I have also learnt that it is not easy to raise a child by your own and I am very honoured to do this module with Girls on the Move. I really thank the teachers for what they have taught us and I wish they can teach more people about this.

Girl no 3: I benefit that: to be a teenager sometimes can be fun and sometimes it is not easy at all. As we are teenagers we should respect our bodies and not sleep with boys at all because of our age.

We should not sleep with them because sometimes we can be refused to use a condom and the girls just fall pregnant at our age. I learnt that to have a baby is not easy at all. We should know that if we have babies at our age we could not benefit in our future.

To those who believe that they should have sex at our age, they should always remember to abstain, be faithful and/or condomise (ABC) so that they will not have babies at this age. As we are teenagers, we do have feelings for others and it is natural that is why they say we should always remember: ABC.

Girl no 4: I learnt to look after myself, not to be pregnant, to look after myself so that I will not be infected with HIV and go to school every day.

Girl no 5: I started attending the LifeLine programme last year in which I learnt so many things which I did not know and some of these things they never taught me at home.

I have learnt that HIV/AIDS does not just enter into a person’s body if that person uses protection all the time. I have learnt so many things that you can do to prevent HIV/AIDS such as to use a condom while having sex, to abstain and to use gloves if you want to help a bleeding person because if you do not do this then you have many chances of getting HIV/AIDS.

I have also learnt that teenage pregnancy is not okay because if you have a child being a child you will not have anything to support the child with because you don’t even work. I have learnt some ways of preventing teenage pregnancy by using a condom, by using contraceptives and by abstaining.

Girl no 6: I  have experienced a lot in this programme of ‘girls on the move”.  I have learned what HIV, AIDS, ABC and mother to child transmission is.  These things that they have been teaching us about can help us a lot in the upcoming future when we will be HIV/AIDS negative and mature elders who have uninfected children.

We as children have to learn about HIV/AIDS, STIs, sex and how to prevent people from having HIV/AIDS and also other STIs.  I have also learned that children have symptoms of growing up, like growing armpit hair etc.  I have also learned that we as children or teenagers do not have to rush to have sex because there are a lot of people you can marry and have sex with.

When you have unprotected sex you must know that there are a lot of packages waiting for you, like STIs and pregnancy.  You can prevent these things by having protected sex with a condom.  But we need to fight against HIV and AIDS.


This disease cannot be healed no matter what.

Girl no 7: I gain that younger teenagers must not rush things that are bigger than their eyes like sex, alcohol, drugs and smoking dagga. When we are teenagers we must learn about our life programme like we must take care of our bodies. Young teenagers rush things like having babies and having sex. Some teenagers have babies and they do not know who the father of the baby is.

I learn that teenage pregnancy can cause diseases and HIV problems; like some can rape and abuse. Some teenage pregnancy can cause stress and frustration. Some teenage boys like masturbation if they do not get sex. We learnt about teenage pregnancy, diseases, masturbation and HIV/AIDS.

Girl no 8: I learnt information about HIV and AIDS and stuff that we are going through as young people. I also learnt about the diseases and STIs. I learnt that it is not easy to raise a child as a teenager. I learnt that men and women are not the same in doing things; there are things that men can do but women can’t. I also learnt about the steps of growing, the difference between girls and boys, and how HIV is transmitted.


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